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The mobile fuel station, also known as the mobile peco station, is intended for the distribution of petroleum products for sale or for internal use. The equipment is mixed, with a configurable number of petrol, diesel, LPG and AdBlue products, each with a dedicated tank and distribution line.

The station is built in accordance with the ANAF, BRML and INSEMEX directives in force and offers technical features for placement in various spaces and continuous operation.

The delivery is made with all the notices required by the official. The beneficiary must obtain the Town Planning Certificate from the local town hall for the site and procure the tax register from the companies that ensure its servicing and taxation.

The delivery time is 45 days after contracting, and the warranty is 24 months. The technical intervention is ensured within a maximum of 24 hours from the notification of the defect.

Leasing and financing is available with monthly payments up to 2 years.

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Autonomous operation

The station can be equipped for autonomous, unmanned operation with modules for payment and customer identification.

For sale, the station includes an integrated payment terminal with the acceptance of bank cards, banknotes and loyalty cards issued by the operator.

For internal use, the terminal contains only a module for customer cards.

Autonomous operation significantly reduces operating costs and enables remote administration via the Internet.

Integrated payment terminal for mobile fuel stations
Loading area of ​​the mobile fuel station

Loading area

The station is equipped with pumps with a flow rate of 300 liters/min driven by anti-ex motors. They are started from the button boxes, which include the engine start indicator lamp and the stop button, one for each product (compartment).

In automatic mode, the motors are stopped by the electronic level meter upon reaching the maximum load level (92% of capacity). The tanks are connected through 3" couplers for loading and emptying the tanks. The routes are secured with Uragano type valves resistant to petroleum products. Any leakages are taken over by the aluminum tubs under the pumps.

Fire protection is provided by the Fire Trace system, and the gas leak sensor monitors the integrity of the gasoline tanks. The premises are closed with a shutter-type door with a key. The emergency button allows immediate interruption of the power supply.

Delivery area

Fuel dispensers display the delivery price, quantity and total price, as well as the volume delivered. The station can be equipped with all dispenser models from our range. Transactions are monitored by the management system located on the PC in the staff cabin. Hoses can be equipped with retractors.

In this compartment there is an additional sensor for detecting gas leaks. The mushroom emergency buttons are activated by twisting. By pressing them, the station is de-energized.

The enclosure is also closed with a shutter type door with a key.

Delivery area of ​​the mobile fuel station
Personal compartment for mobile fuel station

Personal compartment

The station staff room is separated with a double glazed door and window. Inside is the desk with computer and monitor, tax register, UPS source, barcode reader and automation cabinet with level displays. The video surveillance system is mounted on the same computer, which is connected to a separate power source (battery) for data security.

Electrical installation

The automation cabinet contains the electrical equipment for the protection and automation of the station, the gas detection center and the liquid level indicator in the tanks.

The electrical installation of the mobile fuel station
Inspection covers for mobile fuel station

Visiting caps

The tanks are equipped with inspection covers of 600 mm diameter. On these are mounted the level gauges, the return from the vapor recuperators, the return from the diesel degasser and separate couplings with a cover that allow the introduction of the graduated ruler for the measurement.

The enclosure is protected against the production of sparks.

Video surveillance

For the safety of personnel and property, the station can be equipped with video surveillance and alarm system, with remote transmission.

The entire video network is buried at the factory in the internal structure of the station. Thus the signal cables are safe and the external presentation minimal.

Video surveillance for mobile fuel station
Store extension for mobile fuel station

Store extension

The staff compartment can be developed into 4-6m long shop space with optional automatic door.


The station can be equipped with a signage package, which includes branding elements with shapes, colors and lighting created by professional designers for the client's brand. Signage is essential for a competitive look with large gas station chains. We always recommend it because the positive impression and drive to visit the station ultimately make a major difference in operator sales.

Signage for mobile fuel stations

Electric autonomy

The station can be equipped with solar panels, electric batteries and engine generator perfectly sized for the electrical requirement. The capacity can be freely chosen to ensure uninterrupted operation and savings on the electricity bill. The power elements are state-of-the-art, with efficiency and energy density at current highs.

Equipping with factory options reduces the total cost, but all options are also possible for existing stations. Get in touch and we will find a good solution.

(Extract from HGR 174/2005.)

4.2. The location of each transportable gas station is allowed only on the basis of the provisions of the Urban Planning Certificate and the Building Permit.

4.3. The stages for the location of a transportable gas station are those established by law, respectively:

4.7. Transportable gas stations are located only in the open air, in places protected from knocks and shocks, easily accessible from public roads and at the fire safety distances established in the regulations.

4.8. It is not allowed to place transportable gas stations on cable routes, pipelines, tunnels, galleries, etc. (other than our own) nor under constructions of any kind (overpasses, viaducts or aqueducts, etc.).

4.9. Transportable gas stations are located in front of traffic roads at the prescribed distances and with access only from the direction of traffic on the adjacent road by turning to the right (without disturbing traffic in the other direction). To ensure smooth traffic, appropriate traffic signs and signaling are provided.

4.10. The minimum safety distances that must be ensured between transportable gas stations and neighboring constructions, installations and facilities are those established in the following table:

No. Crt.Constructions, installations, improvementsDistance (m)
1.Public roads in localities (streets, boulevards) 10.00
2.County and national roads10.00
3.European roads or motorways15.00
4.Electric tram or trolleybus line20.00
5.Low and medium voltage power lines10.00
6.High voltage power lines20.00
7.Heating ducts or chimneys10.00
8.Sewage manholes10.00
9.Access to subway stations or other related spaces20.00
10.Individual housing15.00
11.Buildings with public affluence, accommodation, culture, worship, tourism, financial, banking, education, administrative25.00
12.Tall buildings, very tall and crowded halls35.00
13.Sports and leisure constructions and facilities30.00
14.Blocks or blocks of flats20.00
15.Constructions with technological processes or warehouses of category A or B25.00
16.Constructions with technological processes or warehouses of category C15.00
17.Constructions with technological processes or warehouses of category D or E10.00
18.Precinct limit5.00

4.11. Transportable gas stations are located at a minimum distance of 1.5 H from high voltage overhead power lines (where H is the height of the line support), but not less than 20.00 m and 10.00 m from medium and low voltage lines.

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